Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Where'd the TIme Go?

I got an email recently from Cindy Rosmus, the editor of the online magazine, YELLOW MAMA. She wrote to tell me about their 10th anniversary issue, being published on Valentine's Day 2017, and asked to reprint my short story "Cassie" in that issue. More specifically, she said that she was going to run her five favorite stories from that first year, and "Cassie" was one of them.

First off...cool, huh? When she asked if that would be okay, I sent a fast, enthusiastic "YES!"

So my first thought was that it was cool that she wanted to include "Cassie," and the second thought was that it was even cooler that it was one of her favorites.

Then I got to thinking...tenth anniversary? Tenth? It seems like only a short time ago when that story went live, and here I am, about forty stories and twenty novels down the line.

Where does the time go?

That was rhetorical. You don't have to answer.

"Cassie" is a short story featuring Stefan Kopriva, who is a pivotal character in the River City universe. He's one of the main protagonists in the first two River City novels, the main protagonist in three novels of his own, and featured in a couple of short stories, including this one. Chronologically, "Cassie" takes place after the events in Waist Deep but before those in Lovely, Dark, and Deep. It is one of the few stories that I've written that includes some graphic sexuality (if you're keeping track at home, "Good Shepherd" and "Gently Used" are two others). The sexuality included in this story made it a little more difficult to place, and resulted in a couple of rejections based on content. So when Cindy decided to take a flier on "Cassie," I was pretty thrilled.

If you're interested in this story, it's out there now and you can probably find it. But I'd suggest you bookmark YELLOW MAMA and when the Tenth Anniversary issue goes live on 2/14, give "Cassie" a read along with the other gems Cindy picked.

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