Tuesday, January 24, 2017

In with the New, Free with the Old

Starting with the new...

While Larry Kelter and I pound away at our WIP called FALLEN CITY (and we're nearing the end of our first draft!), our first collaboration, The Last Collar, has been released by Down & Out Books.

What's it about?  Welll...

The demons that drive John “Mocha” Moccia to obsess, to put absolutely everyone under a microscope, and scratch away at every last clue, make him the best hard-nosed detective in Brooklyn homicide. But these same demons may very well write the final chapter in his career.

He isn’t the kind of detective to take no for an answer, but in his most recent case answers are damn hard to come by. Partnered with the conscientious Detective Matt Winslow, Mocha endeavors to solve the murder of the wealthy and beautiful Jessica Shannon, a woman who had every reason to live.

As Mocha and Winslow strive to push forward the hands of time and solve the murder, their imposing lieutenant breathes down their necks, suspects are scarce, and all of the evidence seems to be a dead end.

With the last precious grains of sand falling through the hourglass, Mocha pushes ever forward, determined to make an arrest, even if it means this collar will be his last.

The first review I came across is a positive one, saying, "Not all police procedurals are created equal. Some reach beyond the standard cliches. The Last Collar delivers what we expect and much more … a seamless, enjoyable read."

A good start!

As I mention in my blog series on crime novel collaboration, I was a little nervous that both of us writing a single first person narrative would result in a choppy voice at best, a schizophrenic one at worst, but at the end of our revisions, I was glad to see that my concerns were not realized. Quite the contrary, actually, as it was difficult by the end of the journey to be one hundred percent sure which passages I wrote as opposed to those I only revised and edited. That's a good thing, and probably why the reviewer used the term 'seamless.'

Now, onto the old...

On the free front, my magnus collection of all of my short stories, Tales of River City, is free from January 20-24 (which means that the day this post goes live is the last day you can get it for free, so move-ah your butt-ah!). Tales of River City contains Dead Even, No Good Deed, The Cleaner and a clatch of additional stories that aren't collected together anywhere else, for a grand total of 61 stories. If short stories are your thing, especially crime stories for the most part, and if you dig River City, the this collection is for you. And. It. Is.


All in all, not a half-bad day to be a Frank Zafiro fan, no?

[This is where I would insert an emoji of some kind if I weren't a good enough writer to have already conveyed the literary mixture of serious promotion with mild self-deprecation].

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