Thursday, November 3, 2016

November is the month in which ALL royalties from ALL channels and formats from the sale of Chisolm’s Debt are donated to support veterans. In the past, I have supported Bob Woodruff’s Stand Up for Heroes event, and that is the tentative plan for this year. If I discover a local veteran’s support program, then I will donate the proceeds there instead.  The important part for you, the reader, is that if you choose to read (or listen to) Chisolm’s Debt and buy it in November, 100% of my royalty will go in support of veterans.

As a veteran myself, I have incredible respect for the men and women who serve our nation. I believe we should continue to care for them while and after they serve. Donating the royalties from Chisolm’s Debt is my small way of helping out.

Chisolm’s Debt features a protagonist named Thomas Chisolm who is a veteran, as well as an antagonist who is also a veteran, both of whom are dealing with issues springing from the time in which they served. Chisolm is one of the major characters in the River City series, but these events take place after he retires from the RCPD. Here’s the summary:

After two tours in Vietnam and 25 years as a police officer, Thomas Chisolm is looking forward to a quiet retirement. That hope is quickly shattered when Mai, a ghost from his past, finds him and demands justice for the horrors she suffered during the Vietnam War…horrors Chisolm couldn’t save her from.

Now Chisolm must find the man responsible and bring him to justice to repay an old debt and in the hopes of putting his own demons to rest…once and for all.

Follow Chisolm on his search as he explores the nature of moral debt, war, forgiveness, and guilt on his way to an explosive ending.

Thanks for your support, and for any support you offer the veterans of America. They deserve it year-round.

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