Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Things I Learned At Last Night's Concert...

In no particular order...

1. Not only does Melissa Etheridge play her passionate, poetic songs with intense, raspy, smoky vocals and impressive guitar strumming...but she can play some damn fine lead, too. I always knew she was a killer strummer, but never realized she could also walk the frets like she did.

Oh, and the arrangement of "Like the Way I Do"? Worth the price of the ticket alone.

2. At 70, Blondie's Deborah Harry still has a surprisingly strong voice.

3. Joan Jett can bring it. Man can she ever. Still an edgy, punk, unapologetic piece of rock and roll beauty.

Another musical interlude...."I got a little lost along the way, but I'm just around the corner to the light of day....YEAH!"

4. Taking your parents to a rock concert can be cool. Especially when you've gotten to know them as the people they are instead of the roles they play, now that we're all adults.

5. Taking your adult daughter to a rock concert can also be cool. Especially when you see how she's grown up to be a pretty awesome person.

6. Not being able to take your wife (not feeling well) is decidedly not cool. On the flip side, knowing she's feeling better is cool, though.

7. People at rock concerts like to walk around a lot. Which I don't get. The music is up there, people.

8. Even more than airports, a rock concert is a great opportunity for a writer to people watch. Especially when said people walk around a lot. And drink. And dance. And drink. And fight. And sometimes listen to music.

9. A good rock concert actually makes me happy.

10. Art, in any form, inspires artists (of any kind).

Thanks for a wonderful evening, ladies.