Saturday, June 22, 2013

Two Down, But I Cheated

A mere week or so into this new gig as a full time writer, and I've got two completed projects to brag about...or maybe not.

Does cheating count? That's the determining question here.

I finished CHISOLM'S DEBT, a River City novella of about 37,000 words, earlier this week. When I retired, I had about 23,000 words or so finished on this. In reality, then, I finished the final third of it after retiring.

But I finished. So cool on that, right?

The second project is even less impressive. First off, I am only writing half of it. My partner, Jim Wilsky is nailing the other half. And really all that was left to do after my retirement was for us to collaborate on the final chapter. So we did. Back and forth, talking about it, trying things out, and today it is done. Finished first draft, my friends.

So that is TWO projects since taking this job.

I gotta tell ya, even if it is cheating, that feels good.

So good, in fact, that I think I'll take the next month off. Wander around Italy with my wife and parents. Yeah, why not?  Hell, I earned it.

I finished two projects already. Did I mention that?


Jim said...


In honor of your upcoming trip to Italy.


Bella = the king and queen of trumps given a special scoring value in European card games.

How cool is that?


Frank Scalise said...