Thursday, June 13, 2013

First Day

Yesterday was my last day on the job. After twenty years of working with some of the most talented, dedicated people I've ever known, I hung up my skates. There was wonderful gathering at the department yesterday afternoon, and it was great to see everyone come say goodbye. I tried my best to express how well I've been treated by the people of the SPD, and how grateful I will always be for having had the honor to serve with them.

Later, at O'Doherty's (where else can you have a policeman's farewell), an even larger crowd came to lift a glass or two and celebrate all of it -- the retirement, the camaraderie, the memories. I was truly touched by how many people came, and how many people from the different parts of my life came.

Wisely (I think), I decided to pace myself so that I could remember and enjoy and soak up every moment of such a fun occasion. As evidenced by the time stamp on this entry and the fact I'm sitting here sipping coffee with only the mildest of headaches, I'd venture to say I was successful.

As a result, I have a treasured memory, and many people to thank (I'll do that in another venue, but you know who you are!).

And a last day of something always leads to a first day of something else. Today, I'm a full time writer. And after I get Microsoft to help me fix my MS Word install, I'll be getting to work. My new boss wants results.

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