Friday, June 14, 2013

And They're Off...

First scheduled day as a self-employed writer was today. I'd planned on giving myself Thursday from my retirement celebration on Wednesday night. But I only imbibed a reasonable amount of the demon liquid (actually had my first Irish Car Bomb, along with a shot of Crown Royal, and several glasses of Mark West Pinot on earth did I not get sick?). I was thus able to:

A)   Completely enjoy my retirement party, and

B)   Completely recall my retirement party (including standing on the bar and singing an Irish love song to me bonny wife), and

C)   Not need to recover on Thursday...much

As a result, I managed to write two chapters on the WIP I am collaborating with Jim Wilsky on. It's our third book together, and the third in a loosely related series featuring the mysterious and sexy grifter, Ania Kozak. 

In these books, Jim and I each take one of the two main characters and write the chapters featuring our character. The chapters alternate back and forth, and both characters are written in the first person. This way, you get an intimate view of each character but still get to know more than that character does. This is the same format that we used in Blood on Blood and Queen of Diamonds (just released in Kindle and paperback). It seems to work for us, both as a story mechanism and as a work process. One chapter at a time is a good pace, and it is always motivating to receive that chapter back from the other guy.

I wrote my character's final chapter yesterday, and a first shot at the final chapter of the book. Total of 1950 words, is all, but hey, I wasn't even supposed to be here. Now Jim will write his character's final chapter and his shot and the final chapter. Then we'll come together on that final chapter and that first draft will be done and ready for some readers to tear apart.

Today I wrote a single chapter in my other WIP, Chisolm's Debt. It was almost 3000 words long (2626 written today) and was, I think, a pretty important chapter. It sets up the last flashback chapter of the book, and leads into the final confrontation.

Here's a preview of the book cover for Chisolm's Debt, designed by Matt Rose. The photograph in the foreground is actually former SPD police officer Tom Chapman, who was the inspiration for the character of Thomas Chisolm.

Jim and I's project ought to be released in October 2013 or so, I'd guess. Chisolm's Debt? I hope September 2013.

All in all, a pretty satisfying "first" day behind the keyboard full time.


Asa Maria Bradley said...

I hope there is video of the singing on the bar. :-)

Jim said...

Hey Pardner,

I like this new place here. Like it a lot. Sorry I didn't drop in the first day the blog went live. Also sorry I missed the celebration which had to have been a blast for you.

Anyway, I'll say good luck with this new direction and journey, but you don't need luck. You're too good. Too gifted.

By the way, I can HEAR the happiness and freedom in your words as I read them. - Jimbo

Frank Scalise said...

Asa, somebody has some...I am willing to pay more for it than YouTube will.

Jimbo, part of the happiness is knowing you're part of this journey, my friend.