Friday, May 4, 2012

"Some Degree of Murder" Reviews

Books and Beans has reviewed Some Degree of Murder, my latest book, penned with Colin Conway. The reviewer gave the novel 4 cups (out of 5), which equates to "Really Liked It." The review is here. Here's an excerpt:

Some Degree of Murder entertainingly examines people, what human nature is, and just what people will do when they're pushed right to the edge of a cliff, whether it's anger, grief, greed, or simple survival. Once someone takes that final step over the edge, there's no telling how far they'll fall, and all their decisions are relative (a degree) of where they're currently at.

After reading the entire review, I have to conclude -- she gets it. She gets what Colin and I were striving for in this book.

And that is always a satisfying connection.

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