Friday, April 27, 2012

Review of the Last Horseman

Author Bonnie Paulson recently reviewed my novel, The Last Horseman.

She wrote:  I'm a fan of vets and this book did it for me. I'm new to Zafiro's work, but so far, he's hooked me.

I don't do summaries. You want to know what happens, read the blurb above. I do have to tell you my heart pounded, my breathing quickened, I clicked my Kindle button sometimes before I was even done with the page, it moved that fast.

Zafiro has hidden gritty bits of romance and in-your-face action into parts I wasn't expecting.

Don't be surprised, when you pick this up, to be taken on a ride and gripped so hard in his fist you're certain your lungs will never be the same. I loved it and am heading off to read another one of Zafiro's thrillers. Loved it!

You can learn more about Bonnie Paulson here.

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