Friday, April 27, 2012


Brian Triplett of has previewed my novel (written with Colin Conway) Some Degree of Murder

Triplett does his usual good job of capturing the essence of the book, as well as the intention Conway and I had in writing it.

For those of you who wanted another River City novel, this is set in that fair burg, and you'll recognize several of the characters.

The book will be officially released on May 1st, but due to the way the different systems work, I will begin "releasing" it this weekend, so you may find it available in your favorite format even sooner!

Some Degree of Murder by Frank Zafiro and Colin Conway
ISBN-13: 978-1475161182
ISBN-10: 1475161182

A young woman has been murdered in River City. Police Detective John Tower is assigned to the case but there are few clues to go on. As he digs into the case, he's soon picking up hints that this murder may not be the killer's first ... or his last.
Virgil Kelly lives in the shadowy world of the criminal underground. He's just arrived in River City with a single-minded mission: find his daughter's killer and bury him.

In his search for a murderer, Tower uses his experience and training along with all the expertise of modern forensics.

In the hunt for his prey, Kelley uses intimidation and violence, tools which he wields with precision and anger.

Virgil Kelley and John Tower are on a collision course. Somebody is going to die.

River City will never be the same.

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