Sunday, April 15, 2012

Post GetLit! Thoughts


That's the biggest thought I have after having had the chance to be part of Spokane's GetLit! festival, put on by my alma mater, Eastern Washington University.

I got to do a reading and be involved in a fun, well attended panel.

It is a thrill to be in that environment, surrounded by writers and readers and people who are completely grooving on the creative process.

So thanks. Thanks to EWU and Melissa Huggins and Asa Bradley. Thanks to Andrew Marcus Corder and Sam Ligon (for saying hello).  Thanks to K.L Cook for being cool at our reading, and to Rebecca Zanetti and Sherry Jones for being the same at the panel later in the day. Thanks to the local chapter of the RWA for being so supportive of their members and for considering me a friend of the chapter. Thanks to Bill and Louise Saylor for coming out on a Saturday. Thanks to everyone who was friendly (which was just about everyone I met!) and interested. Thanks to Brian Triplett for being a cool guy and a funny to boot*.

And thanks to my wife, Kristi, for being ever, ever supportive.

GetLit! was awesome. If you didn't check it out this year, do so in 2013. You'll be called you did.


*best exchange of the weekend goes like this:

Sherry Jones:  "I have a writer friend who is a Zen Buddhist, so she brings that to her writing. She talks about staying in motion to avoid that monkey mind. You know the monkey. He's the one in the background, telling you that you suck."

Me:  "I do know that monkey.  He hangs out at my house all the time. And he throws poo."

Brian Triplett (ten minutes later):  "The monkey pays half my rent."

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