Thursday, April 12, 2012

Free, New Zafiro eBook!

My two-story collection, In the Shadow of El Paso, is now available for free from Smashwords!

Carl is a Yankee cop in a small Texas border town. Isabella is a beautiful Mexican woman that everyone in town loves, including the hapless Pete and the wealthy, powerful Jack...but most of all, Carl. Part romance, part police procedural, IN THE SHADOW OF EL PASO contains two short stories that explore love, race, class and the ambiguity that exists on the southern border.

It will shortly be available in all formats on your favorite ebook site for free (or .99, if that platform doesn't allow for free books).
Many thanks to Matt J. Rose for the cool cover design!
You can go to Smashwords now and get it free in any format, and keep an eye out on Amazon, B&N, etc., as it'll trickle into those formats soon.
This is just a thank you to all the cool readers out there who enjoy my work. There is more coming, as you know, in the form of a couple of novels, but I will have to come up with some more free stuff before the end of the calendar year, too...
Enjoy, and as always, I'd enjoy anyone's feedback.

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