Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Pair of Stories

Just tonight, KXLY (local Spokane ABC station) ran two stories about me and my writing career...as well as my being a police officer.

One was by Nicole Hensely, a web journalist, who took a series of photographs and wrote an article to accompany those photographs. She also quotes a few passages from my books. The link to Nicole's story is HERE.

Robyn Nance, a television journalist for KXLY, did a video feature that appeared tonight. They interviewed me and featured some of my novels. The piece, much like Hensley's, was very favorable. Hensley delved into the idea of place (real places) in fiction, while Nance did a great job of capturing my real personality. I was most grateful that she used footage that was important to me -- why I write about cops, and what I admire about the men and women I work with.

The video story is HERE.

I want to say thank you to both Nicole Hensley and Robyn Nance for featuring my work and treating me very well!

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Asa Maria Bradley said...

Great interview Frank and I love the photo essay. Choosing black and white as the format for the pictures was an awesome choice.It lends some more grittiness to them and make them more like River City than Spokane.

Glad to see you're getting some well deserved hometown love and attention.