Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two Books Make 'Best of 2011' List!

Independent book critic Kevin Tipple has published his best reads of 2011 list, and two of my titles are on it!

My short story collection Dead Even is there, as well as my fourth River City novel, And Every Man Has to Die.

Kevin has always made a point to review my work, including the time he encountered subject matter that he really didn't want to explore in Heroes Often Fail. But he did so anyway, citing his respect for my other work and a willingness to take a chance. Ultimately, his review of that book was a positive one.

For 2011, he obviously liked Dead Even and And Every Man Has to Die more than a little, since they made his 'best of' list. I'm glad a critic (and one who reads a ton of books) thinks well enough of my work to put it on a list like that.

Both Dead Even and And Every Man Has to Die are available in paperback from Gray Dog Press. The ebook versions are available wherever you get yours...Amazon, B&N, etc.

Thanks for choosing Zafiro titles, Mr. Tipple!

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