Saturday, October 1, 2011

Review of Under a Raging Moon

Yes, that's right...a new review of my 2006 novel, Under a Raging Moon.

Actually, there's an explanation for this. I bundled together all four of the existing River City novels into a single eBook called Trouble in River City. The reviewer, Brian Triplett, bought the collection. He'd previously read and reviewed some of the newer books in the series, but not the older ones.

Here's the review:

He rightly calls me to task for the rough edges, but is gracious enough not to call it lesser craft than I hopefully have today. That's where he's wrong. Like any writer, I have grown in the past five years and nowhere is that as much on display as in the progression of the River City novels. I think any reader who starts with the first and continues through to the fourth will see the growth in my writing and storytelling (although hopefully as an afterthought and not while enjoying the book).

We all get better at something we practice at. Under a Raging Moon was my second novel I'd ever written and the first one published. And while I still like it and think it's a good book, the fact that it's my first does show.

You should still read it, though. ;-)

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