Friday, October 7, 2011


I've decided that I will donate all my author proceeds from the ebook sales of The Last Horseman to REMIND.ORG, which supports our returning warriors and their families.  

Every January, I will be donating 100% of my gross income from the previous years' ebook sales of this book. What's more, I'm making this donation retroactive to when the book was first published (January 2011).

Why am I doing this? There are lots of reasons.

Most importantly, I believe in what REMIND.ORG is doing.  I believe we have a duty to take care of those men and women who are brave enough to serve in our armed forces and protect our freedoms. It takes courage to serve, especially during a time when there are armed conflicts going on in the world that we're directly involved in.

The thing is, it's not about whether or not you believe in a particular political action or not -- it's about supporting our troops. The soldier doesn't choose the war, but he or she fights in it. Not all the consequences they suffer are right there on the battlefield.

I'm a veteran myself (1986-91), but I didn't see combat during my term of service. As a result, I was lucky enough not to need services like the ones this program provides.

What does this organization do? It would be easier to list what they don't do. I encourage you to take the link and check them out for yourself, but suffice it to say that they find a great number of ways to take care of our returning troops.

I first heard of this organization because of Bruce Springsteen. He played last year in their fundraiser event, "Stand Up for Heroes." As a long time fan of Springsteen and his music, I was curious what the fundraiser was supporting, so I looked it up. That's when the work that Remind.Org does really struck a chord with me.

Quite honestly, I can't think of too many things more patriotic than doing some real in support of our returning troops. I thought about how I could support this organization. Originally, I considered a simple donation, but eventually I decided I would give a continuing donation every year and try to raise some awareness in the process. I selected The Last Horseman as the vehicle for this because the main character, Sandy Banks, is also a veteran.

If you want to support a good cause and also enjoy some action/suspense crime fiction at the same time, this is your opportunity. The Last Horseman is priced at $2.99 in all formats.  In January, I'll post the receipt so everyone can see.

If you want to support this organization more directly, here's the website.

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