Saturday, October 22, 2011


Occasionally, Amazon will allow an ebook to be priced for FREE as part of a special promotion. Currently, they've selected my River City novella, The Bastard Mummy, for exactly such a promotion.

As you can see from the screen shots, people seem to be responding:  The Bastard Mummy is currently #1 in hard-boiled mystery, #2 in police procedurals.

Nice bump for a novella that has been out for a little while.

What's it about? Thought you'd never ask.

The Bastard Mummy: Follow detectives Finch and Elias in this novella (which is an excerpt from the short story collection Dead Even) as they try to solve the mystery of a stolen mummy the River City museum. Part mystery, part procedural, with a little wise-cracking along the way, this story will satisfy River City fans waiting for the next installment of the series and introduce Frank Zafiro to new readers.

For those familiar with the River City novels but not with Finch and Elias, let me say a few things. One, Finch and Elias are basically the Sully and Battaglia of the investigative division. Two, the majority of the Finch and Elias stories tend to be whodunit style mysteries, including The Bastard Mummy. And three, you can read five stories about these two detectives in Dead Even, which is a River City short story collection published by Gray Dog Press. 
Anyway, head over to Amazon and give The Bastard Mummy a try -- it's free!


P.S. Just an unrelated reminder:  all ebook sales proceeds from my novel The Last Horseman will go to support REMIND.ORG, an organization dedicated to supporting our returning troops.  Read this blog entry for the scoop.

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