Saturday, July 16, 2011

Review of DEAD EVEN in Mysterical-E

Mysterical-E has a review of one of my River City short story collections, Dead Even. Here's the LINK. You have to scroll to the bottom for their take on my book.

Dead Even, published by Gray Dog Press in October 2010, features fifteen stories grouped by character: Katie MacLeod, Finch and Elias, Paul Hiero and Dominic Bracco. The stories are, in many instances, intertwined. Two were finalists for the Derringer Award (though neither won).

Mysterical-E is a quarterly crime fiction eZine that has been around for a long time (especially when you consider the quick turnover of these types of mags). I've had eight different short stories (some of them long ones) published in M-E over the years, dating back to the Winter 2005 issue. In fact, some of the stories in Dead Even first appeared there. Others that had their first appearance in M-E found their way into No Good Deed, another of the River City short story collections (The Cleaner is the third and likely final collection).

If you like crime fiction, you'll find good examples of it at Mysterical-E, as well as reviews and other features worth your time. Give 'em a try.

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