Saturday, October 30, 2010

Advance Blurb for DEAD EVEN

DEAD EVEN will be released
on November 20, 2010
Here is what Joe DeMarco, editor of Mysterical-E and author of Murder on Camac, said about the forthcoming River City collection of short stories, DEAD EVEN:

Frank Zafiro’s work is the kind readers won’t soon forget.

Frank Zafiro’s work strikes deep into a reader’s mind and heart creating people and situations so real, they stick with you long after you’ve read the work. From the details of a crime in progress to police banter on and off the job to the gritty particulars of life in River City, Zafiro is a winner. He becomes his characters and you see life and crime and police work through their eyes. It’s impossible to choose a favorite in this collection, they are intertwined and work together in a way that creates a resonance in those who read these tales. Frank Zafiro’s work is powerful and memorable, two things every writer strives for in their work.

Joseph R.G. DeMarco, ,

DEAD EVEN will be released on November 20, 2010 from Gray Dog Press (  There will be a release party that day at Hallett's Chocolates in Spokane from 11 AM to 2 PM.  No invitiation necessary, so see you there!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

NO GOOD DEED and THE CLEANER available in paperback!

Two of my three short story collections are now available in paperback through Amazon.  NO GOOD DEED and THE CLEANER are for sale at both Amazon:

Both are also available directly through CreateSpace (which pays a much higher royalty):

Both of these books were originally only available as an ebook.  However, enough people have asked when the hard copy of the books were coming out that I decided to push them out sooner rather than later. 

In NO GOOD DEED, you'll meet an ex-cop looking for American man and an Irish lass interwined in love and violence...a cop with a conscience that he doesn't always listen to...a retired cop looking to repair a broken relationship with his drug-addicted son...a Yankee cop in the West Texas...

In THE CLEANER, you'll meet a frustrated crime scene off duty cop in a jam...a patrol officer who believes in a strange fate...a holier-than-thou Internal Affairs whose world gets turned upside those that are crazy, surrounded in sadness or just trying to get by - these are the many and varied characters of River City, brought to life in 17 short stories by the author of the River City crime novels.

Much like DEAD EVEN, the third and final collection, due out from Gray Dog Press in November 2010, these stories explore an array of different River City characters on both sides of the badge.  Give 'em a try!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"The Bastard Mummy" Available as a(n almost) free eBook!

Hey, folks!  As a special treat/preview, I've put the short novella (or, if you prefer, the long short story) "The Bastard Mummy" on Amazon and Smashwords as an eBook only.

"The Bastard Mummy" stars Finch and Elias as they try to solve the theft of a mummy from the River City museum.  It is one of five Finch and Elias stories (and one of fifteen stories overall) featured in my forthcoming collection, DEAD EVEN.

DEAD EVEN will be out in November 2010.  Meanwhile, whet your appetite with "The Bastard Mummy."  It is on Amazon right now for 99 cents (sorry, Amazon won't let me price it lower) for the Kindle.  It is available for all other formats at Smashwords.