Sunday, August 8, 2010

Book Giveaway Contest!

Here's a contest for one and all: 

Review a Frank Zafiro (or Frank Scalise) book on Amazon in the month of August and I'll enter you in a drawing. Top prize is the full River City novel collection, including a voucher for book four, AND EVERY MAN HAS TO DIE, coming March 2011.

Three other winners will each receive their choice of one River City novel.

AND three wildcard winners will get a copy of the vampire anthology, "Vampire Dreamspell," which contains my short story, "For the Sake of Art."

Winners may select the hockey novel ALL THAT COUNTS if they already have all the River City novels.

Do the Amazon review and email me to get your name in the drawing. Haven't read a River City crime novel yet? Plenty of time -- the contest runs through August (my birth month). Don't feel like being part of the contest? Be a pal and do a review anyway.
Amazon seems to be a major key to wider readership.  Which, you know, sounds pretty cool.

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