Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fall Anthology to be titled "Dead Even"

The forthcoming print anthology from Gray Dog Press will be titled Dead Even, after one of the many stories included in the collection.  There will be a total of fifteen short stories, grouped by the lead River City character involved in that story.  The characters I explored in this book are:  Katie MacLeod (three stories), Finch and Elias (five), Paul Hiero (two) and Dominic Bracco (five).

Readers should know Katie MacLeod pretty well, especially after Beneath a Weeping Sky.  Finch and Elias, on the other hand, have only ever had extraordinarily minor roles in the the novels.  For those that don't recall, they are homicide detectives and work as partners.  Paul Hiero is also a very minor character in the novels, though he'll get a more prominent support role in a future novel.  And if you've never heard of Dominic Bracco in the novels...well, I don't think he's ever been mentioned, actually.  But he's been featured in a number of River City short stories and I believe he'll have a support role in an upcoming novel, too. 

Dom is an interesting character -- a transplanted New Jerseyian trying to set up shop here in River City.  Imagine someone Tony Soprano might have kicked out of Jersey, and you're getting close.  "Dead Even," the title story, was a finalist for the Derringer Award in 2008.  Another included story, "The Worst Door," (Finch and Elias, was a finalist in 2006.

Dead Even is slated for a late September release from Gray Dog Press.  I will post the exact date soon. 

In the meantime, if it's River City short fiction you want, the eBook version of The Cleaner and No Good Deed are available (at Smashwords, B&N, any format you need).

The Cleaner:  A frustrated crime scene off duty cop in a jam...a patrol officer who believes in a strange fate...a holier-than-thou Internal Affairs whose world gets turned upside those that are crazy, surrounded in sadness or just trying to get by - these are the many and varied characters of River City, brought to life in 17 short stories by the author of the River City crime novels.

No Good Deed: An ex-cop looking for American man and an Irish lass interwined in love and violence...a cop with a conscience that he doesn't always listen to...a retired cop looking to repair a broken relationship with his drug-addicted son...a Yankee cop in the West Texas...these are the characters you'll meet and explore in No Good Deed. 

I put these collections out in order to make more River City fiction available, all in one place.  Ninety-five percent of the included stories were published in magazines or anthologies, but I've gathered them together for this anthology.  I even included a couple of stories that I thought were pretty good but had a hard time finding a home for one reason or another (usually just not a good fit in one particular genre -- "Gently Used" is a good example of that).

So for those of you who have entered the eBook ya go!

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