Friday, June 11, 2010

Ebooks Available!

All three River City novels (Under a Raging Moon, Heroes Often Fail, Beneath a Weeping Sky) are now available as eBooks via Smashwords...and as the next few weeks pass, they will be available wherever eBooks are sold -- B&N, Amazon, you name it.

I've also put together a pair of River City anthologies for eBook distribution.  The Cleaner and No Good Deed both contain more than a dozen short stories, all set in River City.  Many of the characters are those you'll recognize from the novels, albeit in smaller roles.  Some are new.  Give them a chance.  I think you'll dig it.

I'm not sure if or when these two anthologies will show up in print.  I'm exploring a couple of options.  Meanwhile, another anthology, tentatively titled Once Upon a Time in River City, will be released in print from Gray Dog Press this Fall.  It will contain stories featuring Katie MacLeod, Paul Hiero, Finch and Elias and Dominic Bracco. 

More to come!

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