Monday, December 28, 2009

Short Story "The Bastard Mummy" Published at Mysterical-E

My short story "The Bastard Mummy" is now up at Mysterical-E magazine.

"The Bastard Mummy" features River City homicide detectives Finch and Elias as they investigate a stolen mummy.  Finch and Elias are partners, so that back and forth banter you would expect is present in this tale. 

Other Finch and Elias short stories include:

1)  "Finch and Elias" -  In which our duo of detectives investigate a double murder (note:  the backstory of the murder takes place in the story "Be My Santa Baby" which is available in the Mysterical-E archives in the December 2005 issue).  This story is still available at Amazon Shorts for just 49 cents:

2)  "Core Issue"  -  In which just Elias interrogates a murderer with the help of Detective John Tower.  This book appeared in the anthology The Ex Factor, which is still available on Amazon:

The Ex Factor contains two other River City stories -- "Take a Hand" and "Helping Out."

3)  "The Worst Door"  -  In which Finch goes through the only door he never wanted to go through, and faces what is on the other side  -- his brother.  This story was originally published in an online magazine called Dispatch Literary Review, but it is no longer available in the archives.  It is one of two stories I submitted to SpokeWrite for the January issue, so it may see the light of day there.

"The Worst Door" is probably one of my favorites of my own short stories.

All of those connections I just mentioned are to "The Bastard Mummy," but the story is a stand alone mystery -- a whodunit procedural where you walk through the investigation right along with the detectives.  It's a longer story -- right around 14,000 words -- but I hope a satisfying one.  Give it a read, then stay around and check out some of the other offerings for the Winter issue of Mysterical-E.

You might start with Joy Seymour's piece, "From a Distance."  I had the pleasure of first reading it when she was still polishing it several years ago and its a good story about revenge.