Monday, September 21, 2009

New Publisher for River City Series!

I'd like to say, "Thanks!" to all the readers who have kept asking me, "When is your next book coming out?"  I now have an answer:  March 2010.
As of today, I have signed with Gray Dog Press to publish my River City novels.  They will be publishing the third book, Beneath a Weeping Sky, in March 2010.  Prior to that, in January 2010, Gray Dog Press will be re-issuing both Under a Raging Moon and Heroes Often Fail under their imprint.
Under a Raging Moon was originally published by Wolfmont Press in 2006.  That edition is now out of print, though there a copies available and floating around Amazon, etc.  The Gray Dog Press version of Under a Raging Moon will be a revised one.  I've polished and pruned the book, as well as adding in small pieces here and there and a couple of new scenes that I wish I hadn't cut in the first edition.
Heroes Often Fail was originally published by Aisling Press in 2007.  That edition is also now out of print, but much like UaRM, there are copies available in places like Amazon.  The Gray Dog Press version of Heroes Often Fail will not be markedly different than the previous edition.
This will be the first publication for Beneath a Weeping Sky, the third novel in the River City series.  In it, River City is plagued by a serial rapist. Although an ensemble novel, the clear front-runner character in this story is Officer Katie MacLeod. Katie is a five year veteran who has worked hard to establish herself as a good cop in a field still dominated by men. She has done the near-impossible; she's earned the respect of the rough and tumble officers that work graveyard shift. But like all of us, Katie has her weaknesses, too. And deep in her past is an event that she has to face now that she is fully involved in the task force put together to catch the serial rapist. Especially after that rapist turns his sights on her.
This book is a cross between suspense and a procedural. If you're looking for a CSI fix, you want to get to  know the River City characters better or you're looking for a roller coaster ride, Beneath a Weeping Sky will fit the bill.
I'm very excited about this development.  Gray Dog Press is planning to continue to publish the River City Series beyond this third book (the fourth book, And Every Man Has to Die, is currently in the first draft phase), so I'm looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.
P.S.  Gray Dog Press has also accepted my Frank Scalise novel, All That CountsAll That Counts is a novel about life and a man's discovery about what is truly important in it. Graham Wilson is a thirty-something recreational hockey player who decides to follow a long-held desire to become a goaltender. His transition is both comedic and inspiring as he seeks to challenge himself in the midst of a mundane life. Also on display is the curious paradox of the recreational game in American culture (i.e., it means everything, but it is only a game, but it is more than a game, but...). When his team's regular goalie leaves, Graham steps unsteadily into the crease, causing conflict on a team that is used to winning.
Graham's journey is a microcosm of life. Humor, inspiration, camaraderie, love and spite all make their appearances both on and off the ice as Graham struggles to learn what truly is "all that counts."
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