Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lots to Be Thankful For

Last night, I wrote the acknowledgements for Heroes Often Fail, as well as brushing up the ones for Under a Raging Moon and Beneath a Weeping Sky.  I also finalized my dedication for Beneath a Weeping Sky.

In the process, I realized that I had a lot of people to thank.  I won't belabor the point here -- you can read about it when the books are published.  But it did make me realize that I had a lot to be thankful for.

One of the things that came to mind (after my wife, kids, family, friends, health and a job -- all pretty large considerations) is the opportunity I've had as a writer to share my stories with an audience.  Yeah, it's a lot smaller group than say, Stephen King or J.K Rowling.  But the magic is still the same.  And that's something very much worth being thankful about.

So...I'd like to say a few thanks right here and now.

Thanks to all of the magazine editors who have featured my stories in their pages.  Same for those who have put together anthologies that have included my work.  I am grateful to be part of that.  And thanks to Wolfmont Press and Aisling Press for first publishing Under a Raging Moon and Heroes Often Fail, well as letting go when the arrangement no longer worked.

I'm grateful to Russ Davis and Gray Dog Press for picking up the River City Series and running with it.  I intend to do you proud.

And I'm exceedingly grateful to you, the Reader.  These stories and novels are alive in my mind when I write them, but the greatest thrill is transferring those images, characters and events to another mind.  Making that connection.  It is, as Master King points out in his seminal book about writing, a form of telepathy.  It's wonderful, it's addictive and to quote one of my favorite movies as a's a kind of magic.

So Sir and/or Madam Reader...thanks for traveling to River City with me, and hanging for a while.


Kevin R. Tipple said...

And no mention of the lowly reviewers?

Shame, shame, shame!


(moderated AND unloved)

Frank Zafiro said...

Truly pointed out, Kevin, m'lad!

A group of people that are pivotal to the success of any novel...and here I go and forget them!

My apologies to you and your brethren and DO have my thanks. Especially for reviewing HEROES against your regular inclinations.