Sunday, November 18, 2007

Story Series Accepted!

My four-story series about the characters of Shae and Laddie has been accepted for publication by Mysterical-E eZine.

The four stories are told in reverse order. "Shae," the first one to be published, is actually the last one to occur. "Laddie" is published next, but happens before "Shae." Then comes "A New Life," which happens before "Laddie" but is published afterward. The final episode, "Egyptian Eyes and Irish Lies," actually chronicles the first events to occur.


Don't worry. Each story is a stand-alone story that makes sense in its own right. The backwards telling just enhances the irony a bit.

Look for "Shae" to appear in the Spring 2008 issue of Mysterical-E. After that, one story will appear in each issue throughout the four issues of 2008.

Mysterical-E is a great eZine. I've had stories published there in the past. My story, "And a Fall Cometh" (a sequel to the Seven by Seven PRIDE entry, "Pride Goeth") will be in the Winter 2007 issue, along with an article I wrote about Cops and Civilians. But aside from my own work, Mysterical-E publishes quality crime fiction in every issue, along with some great illustrations.

You can find the eZine here:

I recommend a look.

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